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Coach Flowers Co. is offering Specialized Training Sessions for the Serious Quarterback and Wide Receiver. We have always been commited to developing fundamentally-sound elite atheletes who leave our field with the skills they need to WIN. We teach our CFC athletes that winning is more than the final score; our athletes want to win on and off the field...and that takes preparation. Our latest offering is designed to provide CFC athletes with the mental and physical skills needed to be a successful high school player, while also preparing them for the demands of being a productive college player.

  • Each Session will include:
    A Chalk-Talk Period where players will be introduced to Passing Concepts & Key Movements, Recognizing Defenses & Coverages, Protections, Posture & Pressure and Tips on How to Watch Film and Be a Leader-Contributor, not just a member, on the team.
  • Quarterbacks Field Work:
    Stance, Drops, Release & Follow-through, Ball Placement & Accuracy, Pocket Movement, Ball Handling & Play-Action and Screen Game Footwork.
  • Wide Receivers Field Work:
    Releases, Route Discipline, Separation Off Breaks, Catching Fundamentals, Ball Security and much more.
  • Other Services Provided:
    Individual 1 hour Private Sessions from April to July
    Player Skill Development Plans
    In-Season Programs which includes Film Evaluation and Action Plans
    Private sessions for College and Pro Quarterbacks
    Scheme and Program Consultation for Head Coaches & Coordinators
    Please forward all private session requests to
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